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What’s Your Blogging Style?

Blogging-StylesMaybe you’ve always assumed the way to have a successful blog was to show how you’re the expert in your field.

But that’s never felt comfortable for you.

Maybe being a professor-type isn’t your style.

You could be inquisitive, curious. You’re always trying to solve the puzzle, find an answer to a problem. That’s what’s satisfying for you. If that’s so, you’re a journalist/reporter.

A while back I read about 5 basic personality blogging styles. Then just the other day, I came across them again, via Jeff Goins, a bona fide writer and self-proclaimed prophet.

What follows are five basic blogging styles. See which resonates with you most. Then use that information for motivation and fuel to write your best.

At the end of this post I’ll share a fun online assessment, with a bent for the Meyers-Briggs self-assessment test. It’ll give you more detail about your blogging style IF you already have a blog up and running.

Blogging Styles

#1 – The Journalist

This blogger builds his platform by asking questions and answering them.

The criteria you should meet to use this style is having a strong sense of curiosity.

This type of blogger builds his authority by association. When you interview experts, your audience begins to believe you are an expert as well.

Examples: Malcolm Gladwell, Oprah Winfrey

#2 – The Prophet

This blogger tells it like it is, with the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Typically this blogger is dissatisfied with something. His worldview is, “this is broken but we can fix it…”

Example: Seth Godin

#3 – The Artist

The artist blogger is not necessarily an “artist” relegated to the world of fine art. This person could be a performing artist or writer or anyone who has an eye for beauty.

This blogger opens the eyes of his audience to beauty and through it, inspiration.

Example: Ann Vaskomp, A Holy Experience

#4 – The Professor

The professor knows how everything works and is happy to tell everyone, as he is obsessed with facts.

You should have a love of learning to embrace this blogging style.
As you share what you’ve learned in a fact-based manner, you quickly build your expertise.

Example: Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

#5 – The Star

This blogging personality builds his platform on charisma. No matter what field or topic he pursues, his audience follows him.

This type of blogger has a heart for people.

Examples: Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk

Source: The 5 Platform Personalities: What Type of Blog Is Right for You?

Your Meyers-Briggs Mini-Assessment

If you’re familiar with the Meyers-Briggs personality assessment, you may get a kick out of how this site analyzes your blog writing to ID your personality. If not, take it for a spin anyway and leave me a comment on how you did.

Duty Fulfiller - EpubEngineer

When analyzing this blog, Typealyzer gave me an assessment of ISTJ. It proclaimed me a “Duty Fulfiller,” and said that we Duty Fulfillers “earn success through their thoroughness and extraordinary dependability.”

Go to this site and just type in your blog URL: Then leave a comment on what your assessment is.

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