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Top Pen Name Privacy Hack You May Not Know

There are so many wonderful genres to explore in self-publishing these days. But suppose you want to keep your new work private? Here’s a pen name privacy hack you may not know about. It has to do with establishing the platform for your pen name.

Specifically, I’m talking about setting up the website for your pen name.

If someone really wants to find out who is owner of a website, blog, landing page, or other web property, they can do it.

All they have to do is visit a website, such as, and search the domain name, i.e., this blog,

Pen Name Privacy Hack

A display of the registration form comes up, as shown here:

Pen Name Privacy Hack


However, there is a way to protect the domain owner information. It is the ultimate pen name hack.

How to Protect Your Pen Name Privacy

When you place your order for a domain, you’re typically offered the option to protect your owner identity. When you register through Namecheap, which I’ve found to be the most affordable, you can opt for  WhoisGuard  when you register your domain. When you use this service, your name, address, email and phone number are not visible to the public.

1and1 Domains, GoDaddy, which I don’t use, and BlueHost  all have similar options.

With this pen name privacy hack in place, you can rest assured no one will find out who is using JJ Rowling as their pen name.

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