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Benefits of Thinking “Big” About Your Blog


I think strategically.

It means that I visualize a “map” of sorts, showing me what could happen, based on my choices.

Do you know and understand your thinking style? Are you thinking “big” about your blog?

To think “BIG” about your business, you must be able to think ahead so you can “see” what’s in store for you. This is called having a “vision” for your business.

Having many visions? That’s big, but not typically recommended! Having one vision and one focus allows you to make a plan.

Now, planning is easy for me. Remember that “map” I referred to earlier? It’s easy to plan with maps.

But because I haven’t settled on ONE area of focus, building business assets one at a time, if you will, I haven’t seen the success I desire.

Walt Bayliss, IM Software Mogul, spoke last June at the Marketing Summit UK3 in Liverpool. He tells the story of how he met Brad Gosse, millionaire and joint owner of the platform, JVZoo, at the first Marketing Summit UK in 2012. The conversation he had with Brad totally changed his business “trajectory.”

“Brad Gosse talked about building something epic, building something as an asset that you’re so driven for, that you can’t help but create it.”

It was a simple set of steps Walt learned from Brad that set him directly on the path to creating product launches like the Google Hangouts management software, “RunClick,” a product that brought him 6 figures in revenue.

Walt’s problem, as he says, was that he wasn’t thinking big enough.

I can relate to the problem. Can you?

I realized recently that I approach each day with the thought, “How can I make money today?”

My mind has confused the oft-used information about determining how to be the most effective. Many marketers teach that you should work on what will make you money. In my mind, I’ve “mapped” that into, “What can I do to make money today?”

This is a fine question but it leaves me susceptible to the dreaded Bright Shiney Object (BSO) Syndrome. If I’m asking myself this question and I’m anywhere near my inbox, I’m at risk!

Quote from Donald Trump About Thinking Big

In summary, here’s what I know. I’m determined to grow this blog, this asset.

I’m thinking, “Big!”

I’m thinking, “More video!”

I hope you’ll follow along to see how I do.

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In my next post I’ll share what this blog’s visitor stats have been and the 3 tweaks I’ll be doing to improve getting more signups (aka conversions)!

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