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How to Sell Your Book in Multiple Places (Not Just Amazon®)


Once you’ve worked hard to write and publish your book on Amazon, you may wonder how to sell your book in multiple places.

In my case, a good friend asked me if she could buy my book at Barnes and Noble®. She had just received a Nook as a gift and she wanted to put my book on it. That’s what prompted me to investigate in the first place.

Selling your book at multiple online publishing outlets is one thing. Offering your book for sale by adding multiple “buy buttons” is another thing entirely.

Let’s talk about selling through another online publisher first.

Selling Through Multiple Online Publishers

When you publish a Kindle® book through Amazon, you can opt to use an ISBN number for free. That number identifies it to the “imprint of record,” which is Amazon.

You can also go to iBooks®, for example, meet their requirements for using an ISBN, and publish and sell through iBooks.

Or, you can publish on Smashwords® and let them provide a free ISBN and publish your book to multiple platforms for you. Mind you, you don’t have access to all of the same tools that Amazon provides authors if you go this route, but you do get your book for sale in more marketplaces, i.e., iBooks, Amazon, Kobo®, to name the few large ones.

Selling with Multiple “Buy Buttons”

Offering multiple “buy buttons” for your book, even if you’ve only published it to Amazon, is not only possible, it can be a very effective way to boost your book sales.

How do you offer multiple “buy buttons?” Here are the top 3 ways to do this.

Top 3 Alternative Ways to Sell Your Book in Multiple Places

  1. List Your Book for Sale on Your Website or Blog

As the author, you purchase your copies “wholesale” from Amazon, allowing you to charge a mark-up of whatever you like when you sell the physical copy. Offer a signed copy of your physical book on your website or blog. Add a PayPal® button to your website or just add a message asking patrons to send you $ xx.xx in return for a signed copy. Be sure to include shipping and handling in your price. Tell them how long to expect you to ship it to them.

Collecting the money directly from your customer allows you to charge a little more for your signature. You could also add a xerox-ed copy of a listing of your other books or products, along with a personal thank-you note form you.  Include a business card or a link to where they can signup to stay informed of additional works by you.

Find more information about using PayPal on our Resources page.

2. Host a Live Online Book Signing or Book Launch

Facebook has added a wonderful way to promote your next book signing or book launch. You can use “Facebook Live” to show your next book signing as it happens. Encourage those watching with a verbal call to action to join you at the signing, or, if they’re too far away, to check out your new book by adding a link to the Amazon sales page (or your website per above, or your book site per below) in the Facebook comments.

3. Add an Additional Online Buy Button with the 8 Minute Book Site System

This method works only if you already have a published book and you have the ISBN number to upload. Complete instructions may be seen here:

My friend, David Lee Martin, provides a walk-through of the system in this video. David begins with a look at the PDF instructional guide, then walks you through setting up the system.

Find out more about the 8 Minute Book Site System.

8 Minute Book Site System


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