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How to Publish and Manage Content for Multiple Blogs

manage content for multiple web properties

New Software, Publish Vault, Shows All Your Blogs at a Glance

This is a review of the software, Publish Vault, which just launched today, July 30, 2015, from the team of Mark Thompson, Matt Callen and Keith Gosnell.

The software allows you to publish and manage content for multiple web properties from a single dashboard.

The product launching today is Publish Vault. It is priced lower than most of Thompson’s recent software launches – just $27 for the early bird first 7 days.

I purchased a copy and immediately started setting it up, after receiving my login and password via email.

Online Web App for Visually Organizing Websites

“Publish Vault” is an online web app, so no registration key is needed.

I began adding my websites to the dashboard. Felt great to see each one load in there! Whew!

I felt as though I was finally getting a handle on all the web properties I manage!

This software is very simple. The 2 training videos I watched state this a couple of times. I prefer simple. I have not had good results with software that is feature-heavy.

Simple menu design for Publish Vault

Publish and Manage Content for Multiple Web Properties

Simply put, I’m delighted with the concept and the resulting software.

Here’s a brief overview of how Publish Vault helps you publish and manage content for multiple blogs.

1. Log in to your Publish Vault dashboard.

2. Add each one of your web properties into the dashboard.

3. Use the calendar feature to plan and schedule upcoming posts and incorporate important events that may impact your messages. View calendar entries for one or all of your sites. Sync with your Google Calendar.

4. Add an idea for a post. Ideas are identified distinctly until you’re ready to make them into “drafts.”

5. Look for and hire writers or assign guest posters from within your dashboard.

6. Publish or schedule posts to auto-publish. You may edit posts from within dashboard also.

As Mark explains in the demo, he made this software out of his own necessity in trying to manage several hundred web properties.

That’s typically how some of the best software comes to life – out of real need.

If you manage multiple blogs or websites, or if you outsource your content management writing, you will definitely want to look in to this product. Likewise, if you only have one website, but it’s management is one of many hats you wear, you’ll love this.

Note: If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “tripwire,” it was coined by the fellas at Digital Marketer, Ryan and Perry and all, to refer to a low-priced, entry-level styled product. The majority of Thompson’s recent previous software launches have been in the $197 – $297 range.

Publish Vault




Limited to Google Calendar Sync


Idea Archive Included


Established Vendor for SAAS



  • Dashboard of All Websites (WordPress or Other)
  • Editorial Calendar Syncs with Google Calendar
  • WordPress-like Panel to Draft Pages and Posts
  • Idea Archive for Each Website
  • Integrates with iWriter and TextBroker for Hiring Efficiency


  • Can't Customize Calendar Sync Choice
  • Needs (Free) Plug-in to Integrate with WordPress
  • Ideas Must be Associated with a Website
  • Can Be Used Only via Desktop for Now
  • Limited to iWriter and TextBroker Integrations for HIring

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