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How I Won My First IM Affiliate Prize Money

I’ll tell you exactly how I won my first-ever affiliate leaderboard prize money. One day when I had no particular affiliate products to mail to my list, I went into the JV Zoo Marketplace, and started looking around. I was looking for something I could sell

Earn Money Selling PLR About Webinars

Webinar Double Bundle (Available September 3rd – 10th) Everyone wants to know how they can earn money producing webinars. It’s because we’ve all experienced a webinar where we made a purchase! It’s a powerful selling mode, almost as though you’re watching the QVC channel. Now

Big G Launches Google Domains Business

Just a week or so after the announcement that Google would move under the umbrella of “Alphabet,” I received an invitation-style promotion in my mailbox about “Google Domains.” Watch as I open the announcement: The promotion announces “what you’ll get when you switch to Google

Where I Was All Wrong About “Abundance”

On a spiritual level, I’ve known for some years that generosity and gratitude are the keys that unlock “abundance.” The only “lack” that exists is in our minds. Excuse me.  I’ll speak for myself.  Lack lives in my mind, when I allow it. On a

6 Self-Editing Tips to Strengthen Your Writing

Basically the six tips that allow you to strengthen your writing are: 1. Replace adverbs with strong verbs. 2. Fix repetitive use of initial pronouns. 3. Get rid of cliches. 4. Cut the redundancies. 5. Eliminate passive voice. 6. Reduce the frequency of “glue” words.

What’s Your Blogging Style?

Maybe you’ve always assumed the way to have a successful blog was to show how you’re the expert in your field. But that’s never felt comfortable for you. Maybe being a professor-type isn’t your style. You could be inquisitive, curious. You’re always trying to solve

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