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3 Tweaks to Get More Email Signups for Your Blog

In my last post, I told you I’d be reviewing my blog stats to see how I could improve my number of email signups. I’ve had a total of 7, yes, 7 signups, including my husband!

My stats look like this as of today at 10:30pm:


3 Tweaks

Here are the 3 tweaks I’ll be implementing. You may want to borrow some of them if you need more email signups for your blog.

The first is fairly obvious to me. I definitely need to test a new freebie offer to give in exchange for email. I want it to be something I’ve created and I’m thinking about a 1-page tips sheet or cheat sheet – something that’s easy to consume with MUST-HAVE information. More on that to follow.

1. Choose a new give-away “lead magnet” eBook and replace the current one with a short, must-have option.

The second tweak is where I’ve decided to go with the masses.

I noticed early on that a lot of people were using the Comment Luv WordPress plug-in. I resisted. I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing. I also didn’t want to add yet another plug-in to my site as it’s getting a little top-heavy in the plug-in department.

Since then, I’ve noticed that I have more confidence about leaving a comment where there is “Comment Luv.” It shows me that the blog owner is serious about his blog and plans to stay with it. That means my time is being well spent in support of his efforts. It also means my blog will benefit from the trackbacks my comment leaves. Again, my time is well spent!

2. Upload the Comment Luv plug-in and activate.

The third tweak relates to a couple of things. I do have the standard opt-in form set up. But I want to add an opt-in or squeeze page. I’ll tell you why in a moment. I believe it may also be helpful to install AppSumo and I’ll explain what that is also.

3. Add a squeeze page in addition to the widget opt-in form. And configure the AppSumo plug-in.

The opt-in form is great for traffic coming in to the blog to a specific post, because it displays on each post, as well as on the homepage.

But suppose I want to solicit traffic from the back page of a report? What if I want to use social media to get subscribers to my wonderful new special report? These tactics will be much more effective if I have one specific page to send visitors to.

Just sending people over to my blog homepage where their focus is split between all the posts and the menus and the opt-in form is likely not to net the same number of opt-ins as when I send visitors to a one-page, one focus experience that is called, “squeeze.”

I will use the AppSumo opt-in app also. Although, I don’t want to overwhelm new visitors.

Here’s what I’ll do in this order:

1. I’ll swap out the freebie report for a new one. I’ll let that ride for one week.
2. I’ll take note of the number of signups for the week.
3. At the end of the week, I’ll add configure the AppSumo pop-up offering a different free report, or one-page checklist.
4. I’ll monitor for the next week to see if having the additional report improves or discourages subscribers.

Curious to hear how my experiment turns out? Make sure you’ve opted-in for the special report.

No problem if you’d like to wait for the new one.

Say, tell you what. Sign up now so you don’t forget. I’ll email out the new report when it arrives.

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