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Write Your Way to Making Money Online

Learning Your Way to Making Money

If you’re a writer, or you know that writing is easy for you, I highly recommend launching an info product as your entree into internet marketing. It’s possible to begin making money online by writing.

Once I’d acquired a small list of nearly 100 buyers in the Make Money Online (MMO) Kindle niche, I had something very valuable to offer other product creators in my niche.  I had a list of potential buyers for THEIR products.

Suddenly, I am treated differently. I’m offered products to review for free.

Other product creators ask my opinion about the business.

I receive invites to JV Facebook groups, private Skype groups.

I suddenly have access to inside information about everything from product pricing, to sales funnels and upcoming launches, and deadbeat buyers.

I’ve discovered the lucrative MMO niche called, “Affiliate Marketing.”

Now before this post becomes too long, let me just say that I’ve enjoyed being able to send out an email and watch my Paypal account fill up.

In the interest of full disclosure, the most I’ve ever banked from one product launch email campaign was $156.00.

It’s time to level up once again.

Quick Start Challenge

I’m looking to Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge, now ending it’s first week of four, to hold me accountable.

Writing is easy for me.  I’ll be exploring more ways to “engineer” publishing through Amazon and Apple and other digital platforms.

Stay with me and I’ll share with you what I do, the tools I’m testing, and the ROI on all of the above.

What I’m Promoting Today

Today I’m promoting NY Times bestselling author Ron Douglas’ info product, “How to Write a Cookbook and Make it Sell.”

He’s really got this product packed. There are over a dozen ready-to-go public domain PLR eBooks that come with, in addition to templates and PDF and video training.

When completing this post, I checked my email figures. After sending out 1 email offer 30 minutes ago, 6 people clicked and I have a credit of $11.99 in my Clickbank account so far.

Update: the next morning (Sunday) I have $35.97 in my account.
Final Update Sunday Afternoon: another $23.91 added from the same email.

In the next post I’ll let you in on the projects I’m working on now.

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