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Why I Love a Good Challenge

One of the most productive investments you can make as a business owner is to invest time in learning about yourself.

Trust me, you’ll learn, one way or the other!

For me, it was very illuminating to discover I was a Maximizer, Strategic, and Learner type. These were the “strengths” identified for me in the popular Gallup Strengthsfinder Assessment.

I remember having a lightbulb moment when I realized not everyone thought the same way I did.

It wasn’t until a few more self discovery assessments and a few years later that I realized I spent too much time in my own head! It was difficult to take action because that was NOT my natural normal mode of operation.

Brainstorming, planning, researching, outlining. Those are the things that come easily for me. I enjoy them.

But when it comes to implementing the plan, assembling the research, and even making the decisions needed to move forward, well, uhm, yes. That’s when there’s a pause.

So a challenge is good for me. I mention this briefly in the video above.

A good challenge brings all of the elements together needed to accomplish a goal: motivation, action steps, training, if needed, and the desired end result.

I hope you recognize how a good challenge can benefit you too.

25 thoughts on “Why I Love a Good Challenge”

  1. Lauretta Anonby says:

    Hi Barbara

    I really enjoyed what you said on your video, but I especially enjoyed the visual effect of the black background and how you appeared in the sea of black. Nice lighting underlined the warmth of your personality which comes across to your audience.

  2. Irena says:

    Hi, Barbara. I love to learn something new, create online courses and challenges, too. I totaly agree with you we should learn but also implement the knowledge. 🙂

  3. Riccardo says:

    You’ve faced a problem (not getting from A to B) I know veeeeery well!
    I agree with your thoughts about the challenge.
    Great video too… it can be improved but it’s a lovely one!
    Just let me know if you need assistance about that!

    1. Barbara says:

      Thank you, Riccardo! Thank you for your offer of assistance on the video work. I may do that as I plan to continue with those…


  4. Brice says:

    With a black background it looks nice. Great second week! 😉

    1. Barbara says:

      Thanks much, Brice!

  5. Simon Narracott says:

    From the blogroll it looks like there were over 350 of us that actually made it this far. I am looking forward to seeing how we progress over the next 3 weeks, especially the part that wants us to write a good post every day. And as for doing a video? still it looks like you are off to a good start here.

    1. Barbara says:

      Thanks for the compliments, Simon! I’m not committed to a new post every day. I will be pleased to maintain once a week to start. However, I must say, doing the video post makes short work of the whole process!

  6. Joe Tiew says:

    Barbara, your video look very professional, really ….
    May I know how you remove the background and replace with black background? Don’t you mind to share it? 🙂

    1. Barbara O'Toole says:

      Hi, Joe. The backdrop you see in the video is a large piece of textured fabric I threw over a large free-standing sidewalk sign. It sits in my office all the time. I just throw a white blanket over it if I want to change the color.

      Thank you for asking.

  7. Moslem Anoar says:

    Hi Barbara,

    What do you know, I am in the process of writing a blog post on challenges too. I believe that our success is much more meaningful, rewarding and satisfying once we manage to overcome the challenges and the obstacles along the way.

  8. Ian says:

    Good to see you’ve made a great start. Keep working towards your goal.

  9. Gary Carter says:

    Hi Barbara – I always appreciate a natural video. You present yourself well and have a very friendly personalty. All the best to us all in The Quick Start Challenge.

  10. scott says:

    I agree completely with what your say here in this post. Its vital to learn who we are and build on those strength’s. The video is fantastic and all I can say is good job and keep it coming

  11. Ahmed Bazina says:

    Hi Barbara,
    I completely agree that taking action can be very hard, sometimes by taking action and having a challenge that after youu finish it you will feel good and happy as its something in our body that after you achieve a certain thing your body release hormones that makes you feel the happiness.

  12. Roy A. Jones says:

    You are right, we will learn our strengths and weaknesses either by our own choices or as life throws hurdles at us. It’s good for all of us to step out of our comfort zones. As they say if you keep doing the same things and expecting different results well… ainta gonna happen.

  13. Christopher Thompson says:

    Hello Barbara,

    Your video is great and and I agree with you about needing a challenge. Business is an opportunity to learn about yourself, whether or not to move forward each day, or find excuses to fall behind. I see that you are moving forward and I wish much success to you.

  14. Lara Fabans says:

    YES, I would love to turn off my brain sometimes so I could get stuff done. I tend to think about everything I think I need to think about. So like you, I’m enjoying the challenge to get to where I want to go without getting in my own way. Looking forward to more posts!

    1. Barbara O'Toole says:

      Thanks for the comment, Lara. It is a REAL challenge for us, isn’t it? LOL

  15. Heather says:

    Super professional! I loved your video. How did you get that black background? I have a huge greenscreen cloth but have not played with it yet.

    1. Barbara O'Toole says:

      Hi, Heather. Thank you! The backdrop is a free-standing large plastic sign that sits in my office, awaiting video creations! I threw a large piece of dark navy blue fabric over it for an instant background.

  16. Barbara Dowling says:

    Hey Barbara… I like your name LOL! We Barbara’s do think a lot alike. I really love a challenge because it does get you motivated to take action! It does give you accountability! That is why I am doing the Quick Start Challenge. I’m sure it will advance your business greatly. BTW I love your video. I see all the comments about the back ground…I’ll have to try something like that for my next video. I really like your candor–you come across so likable and sincere! Wish you all the best in the challenge and your business! PS Very creative logo!

    1. Barbara O'Toole says:

      Hey, Barbara! You may have something there about thinking alike! LOL I always like every “Barbara” I meet! Thank you for your compliments! You’re on my radar, lady!!

  17. Ozer Tayiz says:

    I am soo much “in my head” too. I tend to over think, run into “paralysis by analysis” all the time. So I hear you! And you have, actually created your own product! Well done! 😀

    1. Barbara O'Toole says:

      I have created that product, Ozer! The actual writing of it was fairly easy, but it’s rounding up all the steps involved to launch it that is daunting!

      Here’s to more of our own products! Cheers!

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