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How to Keep YouTube Videos From Displaying After Your Video Plays

When you put yourself in front of a video camera, you’re vulnerable. You’re authentic.

That’s one reason video lets you build the “know, like and trust” relationship foundation you want to establish with your potential customers.

Don’t blow the credibility you’re building with your audience by allowing other people’s videos to display in a collage after yours. You can disable that effect in your YouTube channel.

It’s a checkbox that’s a little tough to get to, but here are the instructions.

How to Keep YouTube Videos from Displaying After Your Video Plays

Navigate to your YouTube channel and locate the video you want to adjust.

Click the headline of the video.

Click “Share,” then “Embed,” then click the “Show More” in light grey text to access the checkboxes.
click__embed__then__show_more_-600x333Uncheck the top checkbox “Show suggested videos when video finishes.”

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