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How I Collaborated and Grew My Paypal Account from $40 to $400 in 24 Hours

<a href='' target='_blank'>paypal</a>-40-to-400Yesterday, roughly 24 hours ago, I launched an information product (that I didn’t write)and grew my Paypal account balance from $40.00 to $408.15.

How did I do this without using Private Label Rights(PLR) or other pre-made info products?

When I tell you, you’ll laugh at the simplicity.

What I’ll cover in the next several posts, is the entire process I went through, from product inception, August 14, to product launch, yesterday, September 22.

How I Got Someone Else to Write the Product (Collaboration)

I have a rather small list of subscribers, less than 300 people.

About 9 weeks ago, I sent out an email to my subscribers and asked if anyone had an idea for an information product. If so, would they like to partner with me to bring their idea into the world?

One fellow raised his hand, replied to my email, and we began to private message through Facebook until we had an informal collaboration agreement to work on our new project.

It’s as simple as that. I asked.

Now, the fellow who answered, Dave Lynch, is someone I’d followed and admired on Facebook for over two years. I knew we were somewhat like-minded. I respected him. I felt inspired by him, at times.

When we began to communicate about our project, Dave said things that were music to my ears. He said things like, “I can have the product written in 5 days!”

Wow! I love collaboration!

“Money loves speed!” reverberated in my head.

I decided immediately that our partnership would be 50/50. Dave would author the product and I would do everything else.

Note: This idea was flawed. You will soon know why as I share all in the upcoming posts.

Product Inception and Product Partnership

I had a main product idea, thanks to Dave.

I had a writer installed to write the product, also Dave.

This partnership, aka collaboration, was working out great!

What Would I Bring to the Deal?

I already had a terrific network of Make Money Online Kindle Niche affiliates with whom I had built relationships over the last two years. I would provide the promotional and marketing management aspects of launching our product.

Oh, yes, and I would also provide the technical aspects, such as:

1. Hosting the sales pages, product downloads, opt-ins and JV page

2. Content for the sales pages, downloads pages and JV page

3. Packaging for the product (design and logo. graphics, etc.)

4. Sales support and JVZoo funnel and product set up, including JV set up for our partnership, something I hadn’t done before

Then, I would also need to manage the affiliate requests coming in, distribute the launch details, coordinate review distribution, and review feedback from affiliates as it came in.

But, first things first.

It would be leaving money on the table if we launched this product with no upsell or one-time offer in place for our buyers. These types of offers are known as: a funnel.

Product Launch Funnel

A “funnel” refers to the sequence of additional products offered to a prospect as they proceed through a buying process. For example, a simple funnel may include: initial purchase, upsell or one-time offer, and downsell.

A typical info product launch funnel might look like this progression from the buyer’s perspective:

1. Main product sales page purchase —-> 2. One-time offer upsell page purchase—-> 3. Second one-time offer up or downsell page.

Stay tuned. Next week I relate how I began “Designing our Author Fanfare Product Funnel.”


I want to add a footnote with the launch stats after approximately 26 hours “live.”

Sales – 130
Conv – 16.73%
EPC – $ 2.21

AVG Price – $ 13.21

I’ve rec’d 2 support tickets asking what the OTO’s are. I consider that a good sign.

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