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Formatting Your eBook as You Write for Headache-Free Publishing

When you sit down to write a Kindle book, ideally, you’ve got formatting your ebook at the forefront of your mind. Knowing what’s needed in advance makes it easier to get your book published quickly.
Take a few minutes to read through these top tips curated from writing blogs and you’ll save yourself time when you’re ready to hit “publish.”
What You Need to Know About Formatting Your eBook
This article goes into some detail about formatting your ebook, and even talks a little about the Amazon download charge. You don’t see that mentioned often,  although a higher charge is probably related to formatting issues.
Here’s a short excerpt:
“Use the preset Word styles for your headings and blocks of text, keep your indents and paragraph breaks consistent, and avoid decorative lettering.
Never use double spacing, avoid manual line breaks (use paragraph breaks instead), and utilize Word’s alignment tools to arrange your text – don’t center your text with spaces or tab.”
Read the full article here.

The Minimalist Guide to Formatting Your eBook


This post goes into detail about publishing for either Amazon or Smashwords.

“It is a minimalist guide to getting your ebook formatted in the simplest way for both Amazon Kindle and Smashwords, so that it both looks good and is readable (by the machine and by human readers). All the information contained within is pre-upload guidance only (i.e. The work you need to do before uploading to either Smashwords or Kindle).”

Read the full article here.

27 Must-Know Tips on Formatting Your eBook


This comprehensive 9-part series of posts on formatting your ebook is published with 3 tips per post. It is perfect for the beginning self-publisher.
The opening remarks set the tone for the series:
“Ebooks follow different formatting rules than books printed on paper. That’s because a book made of ink on paper is a different platform for presenting information than a book made of digital bits on an electronic screen. Even though the same content (your book) is being presented, the platforms will need to be handled differently, just as certainly different production methods are used for a play presented on stage and on a television screen.”
Read the full article here.
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