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Newbie’s 3-Step Guide to Earning Commissions 30 Minutes from Now

Making money selling other peoples’ products is another way of saying, “earning commissions from affiliated sales.”
Amazon calls their affiliates “associates.”
You may be familiar with the reference to “JV’s” or “JV Partners.”
Whatever the words, it all comes down to one thing – making money from other peoples’ products and services.
It’s really a sweet deal, particularly if you have nothing of your own to sell.
Here’s my take on three simple steps to earning commissions from other peoples’ products for the absolute newbie.

Step One – Get a PayPal Account 

 Step one, which is rarely identified as such, is that you need to have a PayPal account. So, if you’ve hesitated for ANY reason, if you still don’t have a PayPal account, you need to make that a PRIORITY.
Now, let’s be clear. Amazon does NOT rely on PayPal to pay royalties. That is not the case. In fact, Amazon will ask your bank account info so they can deposit dollars directly into your account, albeit 60 days after a sale.
Which brings us back to another reason selling other peoples’ products is such a sweet deal. In many cases, you are paid immediately. Today. Or, 30 minutes from now, when your email is delivered and your recipients click through and buy. I should clarify by saying that your commission payout timeline depends on the terms of the platform and your seller.
Nearly every affiliate program online relies either a PayPal or Stripe account, although there are probably some that allow you to request a check. For that matter, PayPal will send you a check, if you prefer.
But, why would you want to wait for a check when you can get paid now?
Back to affiliate marketing and selling.

Step Two – Find The Right Affiliate Platform 

There are a bunch of affiliate platforms – more than I’m aware of, I’m sure! Some you may have heard of are: JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Commission Junction, Amazon, PayKickstart, and so on.
These platforms provide sellers with a place to list, promote and deliver their products. The “promotion” functionality is where affiliates grab a unique link to promote and sell the products on behalf of the sellers. If you meet a seller’s criteria, (number of sales, number of refunds, time on the platform, etc.) you’re likely to qualify for “instant” commissions.
Okay, so that’s the basics.
Where it becomes difficult for the newbie is getting established on a platform.
A seller has the control to authorize his affiliates. He sets the criteria that must be met in order to allow promotion of his products.
The most lucrative platforms (which is almost every one EXCEPT Amazon), can be a challenge to gain access to, for the affiliate just starting out, with no sales, no tenure, no relationships with sellers, and little trustworthiness.
So here’s something you can look for. 

Find Friendly aMember Sellers

Look for a little-known affiliate platform that is built-in to some sellers’ membership sites. aMember is a membership software that has its own affiliate “platform.”
Here’s how it helps you:
When you purchase a product from a seller who uses aMember, you’ll receive your purchase from a download link inside the membership area, where you can also sign up for the site’s affiliate program.
Once inside the membership area, look for the “Affiliate Info” tab on the menu bar. All aMember sites are typically equipped as such. Now sign up to be an affiliate, get your links, start promoting and earning commissions.
Be sure to enter your PayPal email address first, so the seller knows how to pay you. You’ll find that on a “Payouts” tab, likely under the Affiliates Info menu.
Sellers define their payment timeline and terms. They may have an automatic 30-day delay, to account for any returns and refunds that may be processed.
Next, is your multi-action step.

Step Three – Sign up, Select a Product, and Start Selling

Think about who you’ll promote your product(s) to. Is it your church group, a Meet-up group, your chamber of commerce cohorts, the professional association you belong to? Your doctor? Dentist? Chiropractor?
Maybe you’ve started a small email list of other authors or would-be authors and you can send the link to them?
Now that you have an idea who you might sell to, select a product from one of the sellers listed here, who are currently using aMember to sell some of their products:
Website: Createful Journals
Owner: Sue Fleckenstein
The site is fairly new so there are only a couple of products available. Here’s the link to the cool monthly journal prompts program she just launched:
Website: Freestyle Author
Owner: Teresa Miller
Teresa has several products available and just launched her Business Card Book Masterclass a couple of days ago:
And there you have it! Three steps to getting started selling other peoples’ products. Now, you don’t HAVE to buy a product in order to become an affiliate, but that is the QUIICKEST way. You can also contact a seller directly and simply ask how you would go about promoting their products.
It’s highly likely that a seller has products on multiple platforms. So, once you establish yourself with a seller, look for their products on other platforms. It’s a great way to break in, get established, and begin earning commissions via “instant” money through other platforms.

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