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Big G Launches Google Domains Business

Just a week or so after the announcement that Google would move under the umbrella of “Alphabet,” I received an invitation-style promotion in my mailbox about “Google Domains.” Watch as I open the announcement: The promotion announces “what you’ll get when you switch to Google

Benefits of Thinking “Big” About Your Blog

I think strategically. It means that I visualize a “map” of sorts, showing me what could happen, based on my choices. Do you know and understand your thinking style? Are you thinking “big” about your blog? To think “BIG” about your business, you must be

Why I Love a Good Challenge

One of the most productive investments you can make as a business owner is to invest time in learning about yourself. Trust me, you’ll learn, one way or the other! For me, it was very illuminating to discover I was a Maximizer, Strategic, and Learner

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