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Write Your first Non-Fiction Book

How to Write Your First Non-Fiction Book in a Weekend

If you’ve ever thought of writing your first non-fiction book, this may be the perfect time to accomplish that goal. The internet has helped make the process easier and faster than ever. (I’ll explain later) Online publishing platform’s like Amazon’s KDP makes getting your finished

11 Steps to a Compelling book Title

11 Steps to a Compelling Book Title

Do you know that most book marketing experts recommend researching and constructing your book title before you actually write your book? Here’s a collection of the top eleven tips for writing a compelling, effective book title. 1. Before beginning your book, search Google for keywords

Author Email Recipe Book

Get Your Best-Seller Insurance Here

What in the world is best-seller insurance? It doesn’t look like any insurance you’ve ever seen. Nearly every best-selling author has one. It’s an email list! This is a review of a new training guide, “Author Email Recipe Book,” offered from “Kindling” Golden Boy, Geoff

6 Self-Editing Tips to Strengthen Your Writing

Basically the six tips that allow you to strengthen your writing are: 1. Replace adverbs with strong verbs. 2. Fix repetitive use of initial pronouns. 3. Get rid of cliches. 4. Cut the redundancies. 5. Eliminate passive voice. 6. Reduce the frequency of “glue” words.

What’s Your Blogging Style?

Maybe you’ve always assumed the way to have a successful blog was to show how you’re the expert in your field. But that’s never felt comfortable for you. Maybe being a professor-type isn’t your style. You could be inquisitive, curious. You’re always trying to solve

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