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How to Publish Your First Coloring Book in 7 Simple Steps

This article explains how to successfully publish your first coloring book with no out-of-pocket expenses, using software and tools you probably already have (like MS Word or its equivalent). The information is arranged in seven simple steps that include everything from gathering your images to actually

How I Won My First IM Affiliate Prize Money

I’ll tell you exactly how I won my first-ever affiliate leaderboard prize money. One day when I had no particular affiliate products to mail to my list, I went into the JV Zoo Marketplace, and started looking around. I was looking for something I could sell

How to Keep YouTube Videos From Displaying After Your Video Plays

When you put yourself in front of a video camera, you’re vulnerable. You’re authentic. That’s one reason video lets you build the “know, like and trust” relationship foundation you want to establish with your potential customers. Don’t blow the credibility you’re building with your audience

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