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Bright Shiny Object Recovery Tip #1

You’ve. no doubt, been there.
You’re in a Facebook group and come across a discussion on how you’re supposed to have a fill-in-the-blank for your blog.
The next thing you know, the recommendations for WordPress plugins start flying. You go to work – in full research mode.
You begin to look up the plugin so-and-so recommended. Then another. Then another.
Your breathing may become labored. The inside of your mouth may become dry.
Problem: all the suggestions are paid versions of WordPress plugins.
Don’t waste another moment.
Go to Google and type in “WordPress plugin” followed by what you expect the plugin to do.
For example, you might type something like, “WordPress plugin privacy policy free.”
You’ll likely get multiple addresses to visit, with more than one free plugin to review.
Be vigilant. Be resourceful.
Meet Amelia. She’s a recovering BSO addict. Her last bright shiny object purchase was two days ago and she doesn’t remember what it was.

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