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How to Become an Amazon Giveaway Guru


Did you know there’s a place within Amazon where you can “force” visitors to “follow” you?

Once they follow you, Amazon automatically notifies them whenever you publish a new book, whether it’s a Kindle or CreateSpace book.

How to Get Amazon to Auto-Notify Your Followers When You Publish a New Book

Now, people can follow you from your Amazon Author Central page. But within a specific Amazon system, visitors are forced to choose to follow you before they can proceed.

That system is the Amazon Giveaway.

Launched back in 2015, the Amazon Giveaway system is often overlooked. It was clunky and didn’t work well at first.

Not any more! There’s no doubt in my mind the Amazon Giveaway is one of those must-try marketing tactics.

You can run a giveaway for anywhere from 3 – 30 days and the only cost to you is that you must pay for whatever you are going to give away.

In other words, when you set up the giveaway, you tell Amazon which book you want to offer, and then you pay for it upfront. So when the winner wins, Amazon ships it right out to them.

There’s a little more to setting up an Amazon Giveaway, and that why Tony Norton’s Amazon Giveaway Guru Guide is another good idea:

Tony Norton’s Client Made $14K

One of Tony’s clients made over $14K in a 16-week period.

Now, that success was in combination with using Facebook ads, which Tony explains also.

But the Amazon Giveaway is a completely self-contained program. You’re not required to run advertising of any kind, unless you want to go for it.

Headsup: For the first 22 pages of his 45-page guide, Tony explains about Amazon’s “Internal Promotional Engine,”  or IPE. Don’t let that put you off.  🙂

He breaks down the IPE formula which includes your book reviews, how long it takes your book to start selling, and things like that.

He goes into detail about the tactics Amazon uses like showing visitors “people who liked xxxx book also liked yyyy book.

It is an EXCELLENT training for understanding how that all works together with Amazon’s systems – like Giveaways – and how Amazon uses the data to decide how much promoting it will do for your books.

Find Out More About Giveaway Guru

Upsell Coaching Offered, Too

Now, isn’t this the kind of program that you’d love to have some coaching on? That’s what I’m thinking!

And Tony thought of it too.

So, one of the upsells to his Amazon Giveaways training is an affordable email coaching.

Bonus w/ Purchase

There were a number of you who purchased this product in June when it launched, and I offered a one-page cheatsheet, loaded with all the searches related to Amazon Giveaways.

I revisited it and I wanted to make it a little better so I added a second page to the cheatsheet. The new one is already in the Bonus area of WarriorPlus account for this purchase. If you purchased last June, just go back in and download the revamped sheet. It has a new filename.

Here’s what is on the cheatsheet:

Quickie one-page report of all the searches related to Amazon Giveaways


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  • How and Where to Subscribe to Amazon’s Newsletter Specifically About Giveaways
  • Where to find an online site that maintains a live spreadsheet of all the current active Amazon Giveaways

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