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How I Won My First IM Affiliate Prize Money

60 Minute Reseller Stats

60-Minute Reseller Stats, April, 2015

I’ll tell you exactly how I won my first-ever affiliate leaderboard prize money.

One day when I had no particular affiliate products to mail to my list, I went into the JV Zoo Marketplace, and started looking around. I was looking for something I could sell to my email list. I had a few criteria I wanted to meet, like:

1. a great product with high educational value
2. EASY to sell to my list

Number 2 was especially important because I was in a HURRY. I had other projects waiting for me. I needed to make a selection and get on with it. Identifying a product to promote is only the first step in a series of several to getting this offer in front of my list today.

I noticed a product that had just launched. What caught my eye? The title, of course. It was named, “60-Minute Reseller.”

The time reference in the title would make it instantly easier to promote than other products launching that day.

The JV page was noted in the request-your-link area on the page. That was a good sign. I headed over to the JV page.

This was a re-launch. I didn’t recognize the two product creators, but I liked everything I saw. There was some noise about some affiliate prize monies but I didn’t take much notice. I was in a hurry. I have a small list. I expected to make a few sales, but I really didn’t expect to make a leaderboard. And I didn’t know at that time, how receptive my Kindle niche list would be to a straight IM product. It was a video product to boot.

This would be a risked mailout, for me, for sure.

I liked the look of the product so much, I bought it for myself. I decided I needed a review of the information myself. Plus, it would be a great way to review the product, as I didn’t know whether I’d be granted a review copy.

It was launch day for that product, so I knew I would find out my approval status super-fast. I did. I was approved. I got my link.

I got my login details for the purchase and dove in to the product. It was a look-over-my-shoulder style of showing what you do in JVZoo to set up your product. It also advises how to organize your products in folders on your desktop. I didn’t get through all of the videos, but I knew they were good quality.

I also knew there just aren’t that many helpful videos on doing JVZoo stuff, so that would help me sell it too.

I looked at the sample swipe email copies. They didn’t help me too much.

My list was basically writers and publishers, frustrated with Amazon or publishing in general, and looking for ways to make money. That last part would help me sell.

“60-Minute Reseller” was launching at a special promo price, over a limited 3-day period. I sent several emails. I saw several sales came through and was happy that my list responded with a half dozen or so sales. Leaderboards don’t divulge sales counts, just the order the promoters are in. This keeps morale high.

So when I got the email from John Thornhill asking me where he could send my $25 prize money, I thought it was a spoof. I had to ask him what it was for!

He told me and I was fairly embarrassed. But it was a good lesson for me, on several levels. It’s okay to put the needs and desires of your list above how much money or how many sales you expect to make from a promotion.

The other lessons involve being seen on an affiliate leaderboard with someone like Omar Martin, who has about 30,000 on his list!!

If I could frame this, I would!

60 Minute Reseller Stats

60-Minute Reseller Stats, April, 2015

Rankings May NOT Be Closer Than They Appear

12 thoughts on “How I Won My First IM Affiliate Prize Money”

  1. Keith Reilly says:

    Wow, that was a seriously good bit of selling there Barbara. You must have done a good rewrite on the swipes, as he always aims them at the IM niche.
    I remember John saying that he had noticed some people on the board that he hadn’t seen before. I didn’t promote this one, but I’m in a private group where John is a member, that’s how I got to find out.
    Lucky that it gelled well with your list
    Keith Reilly recently posted…Did You Know Windows 10 Has A Hidden Menu?My Profile

    1. Barbara O'Toole says:

      LOL – I’m fortunate that writing copy comes easily for me. I’m sure John wondered where I came from! Oh, that’s funny.

  2. Sue says:

    Congratulations, Barbara
    What a wonderful way to narrate this – quite spell-binding right to the very end.

    Here’s to you topping the list again – worth the wait to frame this one!

    To your amazing success!
    Sue recently posted…Busy Fool vs: StrategyMy Profile

    1. Barbara O'Toole says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, Sue. These story-like posts are a little easier to write!

  3. Art says:

    Nice Barb, and I like the fact that you purchased a copy of the product for yourself and was thinking of ways you could help the members of your list…can’t go wrong with that!

    Art recently posted…7 Tools for Internet Marketers — Which Are You Not Using? ( Part #1)My Profile

    1. Barbara O'Toole says:

      Yes, Art, exactly! And I believe that goodwill intention helped bring about the success.

  4. Duane Reeve says:

    Congratulations on making your first leader-board appearance…
    I think the ‘Take-Away’ from this is: If you don’t try something you will never know how it would have played out.

    Also, I fully agree with the methodology of buying the product in order to review it, especially when you don’t know the product creator and he/she doesn’t know you. Now you’ve made John’s Leaderboard and I’m sure he will happily give you review copies of future products. Well Done!
    Duane Reeve recently posted…What you need to know to run a successful blogMy Profile

  5. Barbara Dowling says:

    Congratulations Barbara! You certainly have shown the importance of having a list! By checking out the product and endorsing it with your list that knows and respects you, the frustrated writers were willing to buy something that would help them make money! Love it! Really like your story telling style. Good luck on your next promotion! You have inspired me to get working on my list 🙂
    Barbara Dowling recently posted…Add Content to your BlogMy Profile

    1. Barbara O'Toole says:

      Thank you, Barbara! As I said, it was a risk to mail it, but there were enough people that found it useful to make it worthwhile.

  6. Shaneman says:

    Congratulations Barbara – what a nice surprise that was for you to land on a leaderboard.

    Sometimes positive things do happen when we least expect it. 🙂

  7. Fred says:

    I know this is an older post, but I loved it! They narrative was wonderful and I was drawn in to the end. I know ofJohn Thornhill & Dave Nicholson. They are all stand-up guys and will definitely reciprocate if your product is suitable for their lists. Just let them know what & when you are launching!
    Fred recently posted…Are You Worried About Mobilegeddon?My Profile

    1. Barbara O'Toole says:

      Thanks so much, Fred! I will contact John about Creme de la Kindle, a WSO, coming up next week.

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