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11 Steps to a Compelling Book Title

Do you know that most book marketing experts recommend researching and constructing your book title before you actually write your book?

Here’s a collection of the top eleven tips for writing a compelling, effective book title.

1. Before beginning your book, search Google for keywords and phrases pertaining to your main topic. Make a list of these.

2. Then search Amazon for the best-selling book titles and sub-titles in your topic area. Add these to your list.

3. Who will you write your book for?

Is the purpose entertainment? Are you teaching something or solving a problem?

If so, will you focus on the rookie or the pro?

Answering these questions before you write your book title helps you target the right audience – BUYERS!


4. Use simple words in your book title. Make it easy to say and easy to remember.  You want readers to tell others about your book!

Use simple words in your book title. It should be easy to say and easy to remember. Click To Tweet

5. Begin the above process for the sub-title. Don’t repeat information in the title. The sub-title should expand on the book’s concept. Include a keyword (or two), if possible.

6. Next, “mix and match” the titles and sub-titles until you have several (at least three) that you believe support your book’s concept.

7. Review your selections. Do they meet the criteria we talked about earlier? Are they easy to remember?

Cut out any “extra” words. Don’t give away the entire book in your sub-title.

8. Go back to Amazon and browse titles of your competition. Compare your titles and subs. Try to be objective.

Would you choose your book or someone else’s? Why? Hone in on the reason if you can.

Then keep going through the process until you’re satisfied your title will rank in the top five for the topic.

Gather Feedback for Your Book Title

9. Now’s the time to gather feedback. Take the 3 – 5 best titles directly from Amazon and the 3 – 5 best you created and put them in one list. Ask friends, family, your readers, your fans, if you already have a list, to rate them according to which grab their attention. Which make them want to find out more?.

10. Taking feedback into consideration, tweak your title and sub combination for optimal click-throughs! It won’t matter how good your book is if nobody wants to click to find out more about it.

Remember, no matter how great your book is, you’ve got to get your reader intrigued enough to click through to the book’s page FIRST.

11. When your complete your book, double-check to make sure your title and sub still resonate. You can go back through the process if you need to re-construct.

Does the title match the final product? Will your readers be satisfied that the title and sub-title accurately portray the content, or do you need to tweak them a bit to fit the finished product?

Don’t be afraid to go back through the process to ‘re-vamp’ the title. You want the title and end product to be as closely aligned as possible to ensure the best possible reader experience.


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