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How to Publiush Your First Coloring Book

How to Publish Your First Coloring Book in 7 Simple Steps

This article explains how to successfully publish your first coloring book  with no out-of-pocket expenses, using software and tools you probably already have (like MS Word or its equivalent). The information is arranged in seven simple steps that include everything from gathering your images to actually

3 Steps to Start Writing Your Non-Fiction Book Today

|REPLAY| 📚How to Start Writing Your Non-Fiction Book Today📘📕💡#EpubTv #katch #Periscope — Barbara OToole (@BarbaraOToole) February 10, 2016 Here are three steps you can take to get started on your non-fiction book today. The first is a short exercise you can do with

Bright Shiny Object Recovery Tip #1

You’ve. no doubt, been there.   You’re in a Facebook group and come across a discussion on how you’re supposed to have a fill-in-the-blank for your blog.   The next thing you know, the recommendations for WordPress plugins start flying. You go to work –