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3 Steps to Start Writing Your Non-Fiction Book Today

|REPLAY| 📚How to Start Writing Your Non-Fiction Book Today📘📕💡#EpubTv #katch #Periscope — Barbara OToole (@BarbaraOToole) February 10, 2016 Here are three steps you can take to get started on your non-fiction book today. The first is a short exercise you can do with


Bright Shiny Object Recovery Tip #1

You’ve. no doubt, been there.   You’re in a Facebook group and come across a discussion on how you’re supposed to have a fill-in-the-blank for your blog.   The next thing you know, the recommendations for WordPress plugins start flying. You go to work –

How I Won My First IM Affiliate Prize Money

I’ll tell you exactly how I won my first-ever affiliate leaderboard prize money. One day when I had no particular affiliate products to mail to my list, I went into the JV Zoo Marketplace, and started looking around. I was looking for something I could sell